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Bosbury Primary School is also CLOSED on Tuesday


Unfortunately due to poor weather conditions, Bosbury Primary School is also CLOSED tomorrow (Tuesday 12th December). This is due to ice making travelling conditions treacherous, meaning that hot lunches cannot be delivered and buses cannot reach school. When closing the school we need to consider many factors, such as:

*  Many pupils are reliant on road transport to get to school.  We need to be sure that the buses will run and that journeys are safe for all of our families. Many of our staff also live some distance away from the school.  

*  We have to be confident that there will be sufficient staff able to get here in order to teach the pupils.  We have to ensure a safe level of supervision. 

*  The condition of the site – is it safe for students and staff to move around the school? Clearing paths and gritting can take a considerable amount of time on a school site.  It is a difficult decision to make and parents will appreciate the dilemma between giving everyone sufficient notice of closure and trying to guess what the road and weather conditions will be like between 8.00 and 8.30am. 

*  Advice from Herefordshire County Council


Updates will be sent via the school parent text messaging service and also here on the school website.

If the decision is to open the school but with a delayed starting time, then you will receive a parent text message, along with social media updates on Twitter.

No closure message on the school website means that we intend to open and all pupils will be expected to attend.

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When the school closes I appreciate how inconvenient and difficult this is for families and how disruptive it is for students’ learning.  My primary concern has to be the safety of the students and staff.  Please be assured I will not take this decision lightly.


Maggie Spence , Headteacher

Miss Spence (Headteacher)
Mr Dunn (Deputy Headteacher)