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English at Bosbury

The skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are vitally important and influence a child’s progress in all curriculum areas. They are key skills that will empower the children to be successful lifelong learners .

Our aim is to encourage a love of reading and writing, which will remain with a child for life. Children are offered a wide range of reading material, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They are encouraged to share books with adults working in the school as well as taking them home to share with family and friends. A reading diary is used to liase with everyone involved.

The school has excellent resources for teaching English, which include whole class modelled (shown how to do it) reading and writing, and guided, independent group activities. Emphasis is put on reading good quality texts and developing comprehension, grammar and spelling skills.

Children are encouraged to write independently in a variety of forms on a regular basis. These may be an imaginative story, the re-telling a well known story, a factual recount of something that has happened, instructions or perhaps a letter. They quickly begin to use wordbooks, and later, dictionaries to support their spelling.

Many opportunities are made for our children to become more confident speakers and careful listeners. They are encouraged to discuss problems and ideas in pairs and then briefly feed them back to the class. Opportunities are also provided for our children to become more confident speakers through role-play activities, drama and assemblies. Those children who need support in the skills of speaking and listening will be given the opportunity within class.

We recognise the importance of developing a clear style of handwriting early on. In the  Reception Class,  children are taught to form each letter of the alphabet correctly and to become familiar with each letter name and its sound.


Key English documents

  Bosbury Primary School English Policy 2018

  Spelling expectations - New National Curriculum

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Skill Progression in English

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A Parents Guide to the National Curriculum

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