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Spanish at Bosbury

Children at Bosbury are doing so brilliantly in Spanish, and we are very lucky to have our lovely Spanish teacher Señora Symonds delivering such fantastic lessons.




Spanish is taught at Bosbury Primary School to children in all year groups.  

Each half term the children learn new Spanish vocabulary linked to a particular topic such as; ‘Food’, ‘Hobbies’ and the ‘Body’ to name a few.  These topics are relevant to the children and encourage the children to learn a language through a topic they are interested in.  

The emphasis throughout both Key Stages is to learn a language in a fun and engaging way.  Lessons consist of games, songs, role play, creative activities as well as taking part in activities that the children have expressed an interest in (such as a Spanish Café).  

In Key Stage One Mrs Symonds focuses on developing the children’s listening and speaking skills in the subject.  In Key Stage Two these skills develop further and also include a focus on reading and writing.  The children are encouraged to work at their own pace and no pressure is placed upon a child who finds learning a language difficult.  

Mrs Symonds has a passion for Spanish and wants children to have a positive experience of learning a language which will motivate them to continue learning a language in their years after Bosbury.








Please see below for some of the key vocabulary for children to learn to help them develop their Spanish skills!


















Have a look below as well to see what each class has been up to this term with Señora Symonds and Boris the Bilingual Teddy Bear!


WEEK 7 (19.10.18)



 WEEK 5 (05.10.18)




WEEK 3 (21.09.18)




WEEK 2 (14.09.18)




Visit the following link to find out how to say your name in Spanish!


The following link contains a variety of interactive games for children, not only to consolidate what they have learnt in lessons, but also to explore and expand this language even further using their knowledge of the Spanish phonetic system.


  Why do we learn Spanish at Bosbury School?

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