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*NEW!* Feedback Page

This is a brand new page designed to allow parents of children at our school to share the experiences they have had with us.



We will sadly be saying a very fond farewell to another group of fantastic Year 6 children soon, so what better way to start this new page than with two lovely tributes to our school which Miss Spence recently received from parents of our Year 6 leavers...


Bosbury School

When Ollie started at Bosbury school,

He wasn’t one to follow the rule.

He pushed all the boundaries, thought he could win,

And all the time was as sharp as a pin!

The teachers they saw this, they could see who he was,

They nurtured and taught him,

Just because……

That’s what they do, that’s what it is,

They meet every need whether it’s hers or it’s his.

Ollie wouldn’t do assembly, he didn’t do plays,

He wouldn’t step foot on that big wide stage.

But slowly and surely, they helped him believe,

And see what it was that he could achieve.

With guided support and seamless transitions,

Every day for him became less of a mission.

Mrs Thompson helped with debating,

And thinking outside of the box.

Mrs Swain gave him grounding,

And she pulled out all the stops.

Mr Dunn, we say he’s magic, he inspired him you see,

To do anything he wants and be anyone he can be.

Mr Thompson worked him hard, he knew what Ollie could do,

He challenged him to be the best and believed in him through and through.

Mrs Lane has always listened, she provides that calming voice,

Helped him to see that we all do get that choice.

Mrs Walker brought out his musical notes, in drumming and in vocals

She gave him opportunity and for that I’m very grateful.

Miss Spence pulls them all together, she leads with style and grace

Always finding time within the ever-challenging pace,

To talk about the individual child with a parent or a carer,

Guiding and supporting so the bond grows ever nearer.

So, I would like to thank you all

Thank Bosbury with all my heart

For helping him immensely

And giving Ollie such an amazing start!

by Helen Smith



Eleven Years of…

Standing at the school gate…

Sharing moments of joy, grief and everything in between…

Waiting nervously for the first assembly…

Watching them safely caught when they fall…

Loving seeing them grow, stand tall and and learn to fly…

Re-living the very best of childhood sports days…

Clapping, singing and cheering on…

And finally shedding enough tears of pride to fill the playground with a great, big puddle.

Thank you Bosbury.

by Sam Roffe
Mother of Jake (Reception September 2005) and Chloe (Reception September 2010)