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An Action-Packed Science Week!

Bosbury children enjoyed a VERY busy and exciting five days of science-based activities this week, including the first ever WHOLE SCHOOL trip to a science museum, chemistry and biology workshops in school and the chance for Key Stage 1 to dress up as animals for the day!




A superb visit to We The Curious (formerly @Bristol) right off the bat on Monday which gave children from every class the chance to experience the many wonderful exhibits as well as take part in some exciting workshops was then followed by a special visit from Bosbury mums and scientists Mrs. Zalewska and Mrs. King who allowed the pupils to meet some friendly rats as well as have a go at dissecting a real life heart if they were feeling particularly brave. For the more squeamish of course, there was always the option of exploring the features of the human heart on iPads outside of the classroom!




Class 3 also went on a walk around the village with Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Christopherson and Mr. Ponter to investigate different types of rock and building materials used on the houses around school and in the churchyard, while on Thursday each class also got the opportunity to take part in some exciting science workshops with the Fizz Pop Bang scientists.




Finally, the week was rounded off with a special Key Stage 1 animal day to link in with the topics of farms and rainforests as a huge variety of creatures were in abudance, concluding with a visit from the reptile man in the afternoon. The selection of animals was so vast in fact that the lunchtime staff really weren't sure if they should be serving tins of Kitekat, bowls of grass, bananas, carrots or fish that day!



A big thank you to Mrs. Wilesmith for putting the week together, to Mr. Dunn for organizing the Bristol trip, to the two parent scientists, the science workshop and the reptile man who came to visit, all of the other members of staff who helped out during the week and of course to all of the parents who worked hard to turn their children into safari animals for the day!