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HUGE Summer Sports Round-Up!

Bosbury's top athletes have been involved in so much sporting action recently that we thought it easier to present you with all of our summer sporting achievements in one huge, ginormous bumper round-up! Are you ready...? On you marks, get set...!



Things got off to a rather unfortunate start at the beginning of June when the Year 5 and 6 cricket team got all suited up in Bosbury's smart sports gear, only for their match to be called off at the last moment due to rain...



... but in better news, another group of keen Key Stage 2 cricketers made up for this disappointment by doing tremendously well at an inter-school cricket tournament held at home a fortnight later, with Mr. Thompson, Mr. Smith and Senora Symonds being very impressed in particular with their sportsmanship.



Who could also forget the Bosbury Sports Day 2017, which saw the four coloured teams battle it out once again on the track in fine weather in front of a bumper crowd of parent spectators as FOBS were once again in hand to provide the much-needed refreshments in the warm conditions.





After an intense series of running, egg and spoon, beanbag-on-head-over-hurdles, sack, skipping, football and rugby races together with the infamous relay, mile run with even some three-legged races for the staff and parents, professional scorers for the day Mrs. Christopherson and Mrs. Lane revealed in the end that defending champions the yellow team had lost their title to new winners the blue team, with the red team coming in a close second.






The Year 6 girls cricket team then set the bar for the boys to follow with some great success at their Kwik Cricket tournament, and even though they didn't quite clinch the win, the team spirit and sportsman(woman?)ship shown was highly commendable. The girls felt that further practice with bowling may have clinched them the title, as team member Chloe reported:




"It was a great tournament. We all worked as a team and tried our best. We did really well but felt as if we could have done better. There were five teams. Bowling was the area we felt we needed more coaching on."






Phew, still with us...?


Next up was the annual Jandon Trophy competition held at John Masefield High School, but with most of our Year 3 and 4 children embarking on their West Malvern residential trip that day, Bosbury was left in a bit of a quandary with no children in these two year groups to enter as the tournament requires.



Enter four intrepid athletes from Class 2, who became our youngest competitors ever in this particular competition, showing tremendous bravery and determination in going up against children from other schools who were several years older than them.





Following a quick warm-up session with the Year 9 sports leaders, Team Bosbury were put through their paces in a series of gruelling events including relay sprints, long jumps and side-to-side jumping, and as you can see, some of Bosbury's participants moved so fast that they became a blur on camera!





After some intense final whole team races and relays, Bosbury were announced as having finished third which was such an outstanding result given the range of ages in the team. Team member Owen even gave us his own first-hand experience of the event:

"We had a great time at the tournament. It was fun and we had to do obstacle courses and activities. Sometimes we worked as a team and sometimes we didn't. The activities were hard and challenging but we tried our best. Our behaviour was amazing and we supported each other in order to complete the races. The high school children refereed and scored. We came third out of six but but we did have the youngest players there."


It was then time for the rounders team to truly shine in a sport which has always been a Bosbury strength and favourite (as shown by the sheer number of pupils who attended rounders club after school this term) as they triumphed in the cluster schools tournament once again held at home, brilliantly displaying all of the Bosbury values as their sheer determination, support for each other and teamwork paid huge dividends.


Top Bosbury rounders player James reported: "The clusters rounders tournament was won by Bosbury Primary School. It was really fun and some of the matches were really close. However, we won of all our matches. We work well as a team. Bosbury are great at throwing and catching. This meant that we got most of the opposition out on throwing from backstop to first base. Medals were awarded to all of the Bosbury winners."


Okay, last one now! Bosbury's sporting calendar for the 2016/17 academic year ended fittingly with a visit to the grand Sainsbury's Sports Games event at Hereford Leisure Centre last Wednesday as the school's tag rugby and tennis teams competed in the very, very hot sunshine after qualifying for the finals through tournaments held earlier in the year, and what a colourful spectacle it was as well with a rainbow of different coloured shirts being present as over seventy schools and around 1,200 children taking part!




The Year 6 tag rugby players did another Bosbury trademark sport extremely proud by making it to the semi-finals...



... while Bosbury's top tennis players finished an extremely respectable third in their pool and fifth overall out of twelve teams, with standout performances in particular coming from future Wimbledon stars Oliver Murray, Guy Djokovic and Ivy Williams.




The tennis stars even found time for a spot of sunbathing in the glorious sunshine that day, as well as taking a brief break from the court to hone their hula-hooping and archery skills at the nearby activity village.





Wow, what an incredible and varies summer of sport it has been here at Bosbury! Stay active over the holidays everyone and see you in September for what promises to be another action-packed sporting year!