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Year 3 and 4 West Malvern Residential

Thirty Year 3 and 4 children had a brilliant adventure with Mrs. Walker, Miss Cooke and Mr. Ponter last month when they embarked upon their residential trip to Malvern Outdoor Elements, with the weather being especially kind as they got to enjoy the varied range of activities in gorgeous warm sunshine.



After a briefing with course leader Kate in the classroom (no, they didn't escape a bit of work in a more traditional setting!) in which the intrepid adventurers learnt about how they would be filling in their activity values sheets during the visit, it was time to set up home in the dorms as the centre's latest young dwellers wasted no time in getting duvets and beds made.




It was then time to launch straight into the first round of activities, and after each group got to grips with attaching the infamous harnesses to themselves - a task which they would become all to familiar with over the coming days - the brave adventurers tackled the high rope bridges as well as the famous king swing. As you can see from one of the pictures below, even the odd Bosbury member of staff could be spotted attempting to cross the perilous bridges!






After lunch, the nightline proved to be a very popular activity, with teamwork being the order of the day as each child was blindfolded and were therefore reliant on the instructions and guidance of their partner in order to help them navigate a tricky obstacle course, before the young explorers were then tasked with crawling through a series of dark underground tunnels before thankfully popping out of the pipe unscathed at the other end!





After the first four gruelling activities, the residentialers were then given some much-needed downtime in the games room with the table football, wooden jenga blocks, connect four grid and the skittles alley proving especially popular as it was then time to satisfy the hunger pangs with the first cooked meal of the trip. Sweet chilli chicken wraps and jacket potatoes - mmmm!





Pudding consisted of some very tasty ice cream treats which as you can see went down very well, before we were then very impressed with the table cleaning skills of some of the children - Miss Cooke and Mr. Ponter now know who to call upon should they be in need of extra dinner ladies at lunchtimes!





The adventurers then split into two groups for the evening activity as half of them embarked on a memorable walk up the Malvern Hills with stunning summer views, while the other half took on a challenging orienteering activity around the centre grounds where teamwork and map-reading skills were essential in order to locate as many of the control points as possible.





Breakfast then next morning then consisted of some yummy waffles and croissants with optional dollops of chocolate sauce, before the classic challenge of 'making your OWN sandwiches for lunch' commenced, and even though there were some interesting combinations of fillings, we thankfully didn't spot any tuna and marmite or jam and egg mayonnaise offerings!





It was then time for another busy day of activities as budding Robin Hoods put their skills to the test on the archery range, with some pupils even being given the chance to don appropriate attire after performing some particularly impressive shots, with the climbing wall then giving many brave children (and again, the odd Bosbury adult!) the chance to really conquer their fear of heights.





Another great way to conquer a fear of heights was the notorious (and very wobbly) quadpole, which eventually saw three children and Mr. Ponter making it to the top and all managing to stay there before promptly being shaken off by one of the instructors!




Other activities to round off the day included the zipwire, the low ropes course where again good teamwork and spotting were extremely important, before the groups then embarked upon the evening activity which they hadn't tried the night before. The walk on the hills was again a lovely excursion, while the orienteers made many other exciting discoveries aside from the designated control points such as a forest area which Mr. Dunn would have loved, a natural set of musical chimes right up Mrs. Walker's street, and even an impressive large wooden teepee!






The trip then ended with the all-important visit to the shop for some iPhone rubbers and teddy bears...




... before one final photo epitomized a superb visit.



Well done to all of the children for showing great courage and bravery throughout the visit, be it attempting new activities, conquering fears or simply spending a couple of nights away from home which is a huge achievement in itself when you have only been in Key Stage 2 for a year or so, and thank you to Mrs. Walker for organizing the trip and to Miss Cooke and Mr. Ponter for accompanying the children on their big adventure.

Lots and lots and lots and lots (well over 500!) photos from the trip can be found in the 'Gallery' section of the website underneath the 'Curriculum' tab above.