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Admissions to Bosbury

Our first aim is to work with you to make the transition from home to school a happy and positive experience for your child. We aim to get to know your child quickly and make school an inspiring and fun place to be. All children that join Bosbury CE Primary School are welcomed as individuals and are nurtured and taught with this in mind. Collectively the staff will focus on your child’s wellbeing and all-round achievements. All staff value both academic achievement and personal growth.







Early Years

Children can be admitted into the school from the September of the academic year in which their fifth birthday occurs in accordance with the conditions of the County Admissions Policy. Applications must be made by parents / carers direct to Herefordshire County Council regardless of existing catchment areas. If there are more applications received than places available at our school, then the County Admissions Officer will apply oversubscription criteria to decide which children can be allocated a place.

Each year we hold three ‘get to know you’ sessions for your child to attend. A meeting for the parents of new children takes place in July. There is flexibility for children to have individual induction programmes up to the age of five. We aim to visit settings in the local area so we can find out about your child. During this time parents are offered a home visit by Foundation Stage staff to talk about their child’s needs.

Children begin in September for full days. Your class teacher will be available from 8:45am till 9am if you have any concerns or messages.

An Early Years handbook and a new parent handbook is available on our website with additional information.  


In-Year Admissions

We also welcome children up to the age of 11 who are moving from other schools up to the published admission numbers for each year group. Please phone the school office and talk to Mrs Kaye the school secretary to arrange a visit with Miss Spence the Head Teacher and or receive the appropriate information to support your child joining the school.

For working parents we are pleased to inform you that Jack in The Box nursery, which is the private nursery on site, runs a breakfast club and after school club for Bosbury School. They pick up from the school and after the school clubs.


Arrangements for Admissions of Children with Disabilities

We welcome all children to our school and value equality and diversity through all that we do.

The procedure adopted by the school in the case of a pupil with disabilities is as follows:


Apply to obtain funding if appropriate.

  1. * Access ‘specialist’ support as necessary.
  2. * Consider modification of staff duties and teaching methods and materials.
  3. * Create an early partnership with home (and existing school placement) to ensure      successful planning and admission.
  4. Ensure the physical environment is appropriate to allow full access to the school site and grounds and to the curriculum and undertake any modifications possible to improve physical accessibility.


Arrangements for Admission of Children with Special Educational Needs

We welcome all children to our school. The Head Teacher is the SENCO and supports all families with smooth transition into the school. Our school offer to support children with special needs is on our website with additional information.

The procedure adopted by the school to support children with special needs is as follows:


  1. *  The Head Teacher will call the previous school for a handover meeting
  2. *  The Head Teacher will arrange a meeting with the family
  3. *  The Head Teacher will give advice to staff and consider modification of staff duties and teaching methods and materials.
  4. *  Create a provision map to support progress of the child.
  5. *  Staff will monitor children with special needs carefully and inform the Head Teacher if there are concerns that progress is not being made.
  6. *  A decision will be made if a child needs additional small group or individual teaching is needed.


Additional Information

The following information comes directly from the Herefordshire School Admissions and Transfers web page. For full details click the link below.



To find out more about the application process visit:

For further information on school admissions, contact the council's Reception Admissions Officers at:
Telephone: 01432 260926 or 261574
Address: School Admissions, Herefordshire Council, Plough Lane Offices, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE 

If you move to Herefordshire during the school year or your child needs to move school for other reasons, you will need to apply for a school place by contacting your preferred school directly and completing the in year transfer form. If you prefer, you can ask for the application form directly from any maintained Herefordshire School or from the School Admissions Office.

For further information please visit Applying for a school place during the school year.

Polish and Latvian versions of the application form can be downloaded at

Hereford Council has a duty to provide your child with a school place so if you are having any difficulty or require further assistance please contact the council at:
Telephone: 01432 383168
Address: School Admissions, Herefordshire Council, Plough Lane Offices, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE