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Class Assembly Season 2024!

It's that brilliant time of year again at Bosbury when each class gets to showcase what they have been up to in the classroom both to the rest of the school and to excited mummies, daddies, grandparents and younger siblings. Yes, it's CLASS ASSEMBLY SEASON!





CLASS 4 opened four weeks of extremely entertaining spectacles with a very novel twist on the usual patented Bosbury School class assembly formula - becoming museum curators and displaying their very own hand-made creations in their very own SPACE exhibition!




Eager younger brothers were very keen to see what their older siblings had created as each class were invited in turn to have a tour around the exhibits, with parents then being given the chance to have a browse, being extremely impressed with all the carefully-constructed Solar System models and fully-working orreries, terrific rocket constructions and the many informative and well-researched fact files about famous astronauts, the planets, comets, galaxies and all kinds of other space phenomena.






Our young astronomers then gave a brilliant presentation about their exciting trip to the Birmingham Space Museum just before half term, before their special visitors descended upon the classroom to view all the (inter)stellar work they have been producing based on this ever-popular science topic!




It was then the turn of our oldest pupils a week later, as CLASS 5 presented a very creative spoof of a certain jungle-based reality TV programme featuring two Geordie lads (or Grant and Bec in this case!), with the contestants taking the form of groups of different ECOLOGICAL ISSUES currently affecting our world.




Our first contestants were a gang of funky-looking and very green conservationists who were concerned about the world's rainforests from being cut down at an alarming rate, providing fewer trees to act as the lungs of our planet providing oxygen through absorbing harmful carbon dioxide, and removing the homes of thousands of different rainforest species.




Our second entrants were a watery quartet concerned about the pollution affecting our rivers in the form of litter and toxic industrial chemicals, with one of their members even performing a very catchy rap to put their point across...




... while our third set of environmentalists were a very cool-looking group who focused their argument on the effects of global warming, melting the polar ice-caps causing sea levels to rise and destroying the arctic habitats of polar bears and penguins.



Our final set of eco-warriors highlighted the many dangers which threaten our oceans, including plastic pollution and its devastating effect on wildlife, oil spillages which cause great harm to seabirds, and the consequences of whaling and overfishing.




Our patented 'Clap-o-Meter' (™) was then brought into play, as, instead of voting for who would jump out a helicopter/crawl through a cave full of spiders/munch on cockroaches/lie in a pit and have creepy-crawlies poured all over them/eat questionable parts of a kangaroo or crocodile's anatomy, the audience were prompted to vote for the environmental issue which deserved the most attention through the volume of clapping which took place as each of our groups of eco-campaigners presented themselves.




Every eco-group caused pupils, parents and staff to shout and applaud to raise the 'Clap-o-Meter' (™) up to the top red 'FANTASTIC' level, leaving our presenting duo with no choice but to declare that our rainforest rangers, river rescuers, polar protectors and ocean operatives were all joint-winners and all deserved equal amounts of action if our world is to be preserved for future generations; a very powerful message.

A very talented Class 5 also incorporated a ukulele piece into their performance, as well as a very moving rendition of Bruno Mars' Count On Me to finish to highlight just how important it is for everyone in the world to work together in order to protect each and every one of the vital components of our world's eco-system.




Of course, there was plenty of time afterwards for our Year 5 and 6 superstars to welcome eager mums and dads into the classroom to look at all the amazing work they had produced this half term. It was a truly packed-out parent partnership afternoon and Mrs. Dark may need a bigger classroom for the next one! Thanks go to Miss Cooke and her busy camera for all the photos!






Our first Key Stage 1 class assembly of the year then took place later that week, as CLASS 2 took one of the ecological issues presented by Class 5 and explored it in more detail, presenting a terrific matinee performance on their topic this half term of RAINFORESTS.




Our creative Year 1 and 2 children started by presenting some of their colourful rainforest artwork, before presenting some interesting facts about the flora and fauna of perhaps our planet's most vital ecosystem, including the extremely humid temperatures and extraordinary amount of rain these tropical forests receive each year. Yes, even more rain than the UK is currently experiencing!




We were then in for a real treat as our intrepid young explorers took their film crews deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, producing expert wildlife documentaries about the monkeys, sloths, snakes and other animals they encountered in these stunning environments. We apologise for the huge travel costs incurred by Class 2 parents sending their children to Brazil for a week*, but, as we're sure you'll agree, the expedition was certainly worth the expense for footage even David Attenborough would have been proud of!





Of course, it just wouldn't be a class assembly without a musical number, and our talented young performers didn't disappoint with a rousing rendition of an Amazonian tribal piece, followed by an impressive instrumental solo using their own homemade windshakers!



They were then extremely excited to welcome mummies and daddies into the classroom, with even some very young brothers and sisters getting fully involved in looking at their older siblings' work! We're not sure why, but for some reason we get the impression that the camera may well have found its way into the hands of certain younger photographers as well during the afternoon...






Our penultimate class assembly of the season came from CLASS 3, who gave us an informative performance based on the ENGLISH CIVIL WAR. Lots of interesting facts and dates were presented about this turbulent time in English history, as Oliver Cromwell's conservative Roundhead army fought to overcome King Charles I's rowdy and party-loving Cavaliers.

The audience were surprised to learn that the king apparently hid up a tree as the government's forces broke through the walls of Worcester during the final battle of the war, with one of our brave pupils even volunteering to lose his head to demonstrate poor Charles' fate. Don't worry, through complicated surgery it was reattached afterwards!**

The class then ended with a fabulous rendition of THIS classic (and terribly catchy) Horrible Histories song...



Our authentically-dressed and well-equipped Cavaliers and Roundheads then welcomed their parents into the classroom, where they viewed a slideshow of their recent trip to The Commandery in Worcester - including a superb call to arms from a very confident young man who we feel would make a great leader in battle!







Last, but most certainly not least, 2024's class assembly season was closed by our youngest children, as CLASS 1 shared all they had learnt about ANIMALS this half term.




In the words of a previous Bosbury Headteacher, "Class 1 assemblies are not just assemblies - they are SHOWS!", and this was certainly the case as our Reception and Year 1 children delighted their Year 6 buddies and parents alike with some lovely singing and actions to animal-based rhymes and songs.






Taking inspiration from Class 2, Class 1 then showcased some safari filming of their own as they gave some confident descriptions of their favourite animals up on screen!






There was then one last chance to welcome one more set of special visitors into the classroom as our youngest pupils were thrilled to show their work to some very proud families.





Whew, WHAT a busy time at Bosbury School! What? You want MORE?! Well, as a matter of fact you can! Head on over to the GALLERY page on the website where you'll find around 250 photos spread across all class assemblies and their accompanying parent partnership sessions.

A HUGE thank you to all of our hardworking teachers, teaching assistants and students for all of the effort put in behind the scenes to make these five performances possible, to all parents, carers, grandparents and little brothers and sisters for coming to share in their children's/grandchildren's/older sibling's work and learning, to everyone at home who helped to make costumes, models and practice learning lines with their children, and of course a MASSIVE well done to all of our talented and confident performers.

Gosh, how ARE we going to top this for the 2025 class assembly season...?


* This didn't happen.

** Neither did this.